Iza Buleczka


Hi! I’m Iza Bułeczka - a fine artist and illustrator working in Berlin, Germany. I am best known for my geometric pictures of women.

Iza Bułeczka by ©gianlosinger.com

The biggest inspiration for me are women, their flaws, their bodies and everyday life. The geometrical artwork celebrates body positivity and girl power.

Apart from that, I simply love creating imaginary worlds with peculiar creatures.

I want to live in a world filled with smiling people, beautiful books that come bundled with extra dark chocolate and a force field around my desk that repels old receipts and phone calls all kinds.

As an artist with over 10 years of experience, I've worked as a costume designer, puppet maker, lumberjack, photo editor, fashion- and graphic designer.

When I'm not drawing or creating, you can find me whipping up a delicious love potions,
running around the city or reading. 🏃🍨📖

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