Iza Buleczka

So you like what you read? Become my patron and help me create more!

So you like what you read?
Become my patron and help me create more!

Does my work make sense?

I wanna start this post with a very strong statement- I truly believe that creativity changes the world. And what drives me is this little voice in my head saying that I can be a part of that change.

I am a curious person- lots of ideas pop up in my head and I wanna try them out. And I wanna be recognized for what I do. Influence the project with the professional knowledge, of course, but also-my colorful personality.
So how do you think- how was I doing for the majority of my graphic design career- pasting logos like an ape all day long, every day? I bet you got it right- not so well.

And so I became a full-time illustrator a year ago. It feels great! I can finally try out new ideas. There sure is a lot of space for creative freedom. But the question is- do I make any difference? Do I even matter? Or maybe there could be someone elso doing my job? More like outsorcing (like bookkeeping, logistics etc), because I'm fully aware there are sooo many super talented illustrators.

It hit me actually last year around Christmas. I was drawing commissioned portraits for people, which is a lot of fun. And a bit of a challenge as well. It cannot be only a nice picture, but it has to have a certain vibe- you are drawing an actual person and there must be resemblance and character.
And so as for some people the portraits are (nice or not) lines and color blots, for me and my clients it's something way bigger.
In fact, they use my hands and my eyes and my talent to express their feelings. We constructed sort of a love letter, that might later on hang proudly on a wall, for everyone to admire and bring back memories..
It's not only drawing from a picture -obviously I need one for reference. But we also talk a lot and research. What is he like? What are their favourite clothes? What are her hobbys? And so while creating a commisionned portrait I create a custom piece for somebody to love, to show that we care.
And of course the fact that the print lasts about 200 years does the trick :)

Later on, I started exhibiting my works. Talking to people about them and I was really surprised by their questions. The stories they shared or wanted to know. What they see in the pictures I create. I never thought that presenting drawings can be so intimate. Because it wakes up feeling. And people open up. And they want to share. Suddenly something from my heart is seen and resonates with others, hopefully making them a bit happier and more inspired.
So I do believe that I matter. I believe that our little kind gestures matter. Art matters. And my work makes perfect sense.

Iza Bułeczka