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So you like what you read? Become my patron and help me create more!

So you like what you read?
Become my patron and help me create more!

2019 goals and dreams painted

First two weeks of 2019 are done!
Have you gotten used to the new year? I noticed that in the second half of December a lot of yearly summaries appeared in the social media, and a moment later a list of ambitious plans and resolutions. Advertisements, slogans, and turbo. And I.... I rolled into the new year quite sluggishly.
Not that I have no ambitions or ideas. But I believe that in order to reach the Moon, you need solid foundations. What does it mean? I think about all those moments when....well, I had my fingers burned, as well as those super-duper. Where did it come from? What did it give me? That's why I came up with the idea of a table, where on one side I write down what I want more, on the other side - less. And I try to work on it. You can try it yourself-click the button and download the table. This is a phone version so that you can have a look at moments of weakness.

Artboard 4 Logo Scktch Mockup.jpg

What would I like to have more? Courage! Courage for change and challenges. Courage to paint on white sheets and canvas without thinking all day long about whether it will be good enough. Courage to write emails over and over and over again to the magazines I want to illustrate. Courage to talk about what annoys me and what feels very close. Courage to simply do, without looking at what others say.
As you can see, there is a lot to take care of.

And you? What would you like?

I encourage you to do this exercise - you can do it yourself at home. Draw or paint a moment when your dream comes true. How does it feel to finish a New York Marathon run? How is it to get married on the beach? How is it to have a meeting with your fans at the biggest bookstore in the city? What is it like to be in the place you dream of?
Nobody says that it should be a masterpiece. It can be a mini-comic,stick figures...it's important that it brings you forward in time and gives you a moment of joy.

This will be the theme of my next workshops. We will paint our dreams with acrylics on canvas. With conversations and wine. Without pointing fingers, talking about what is stupid and impossible. If you feel like it, join us.

18 and 19 January, in my studio Graumalerei (Reuterstr.82, 12053 Berlin).
Tickets and more information by clicking on the button.
Use the code EC757HKC to get 10% off.